Industrial Portable Kerosene/Diesel Forced Air Heater with Thermostat

Short Description

Product Name: Industrial Diesel Heater
Color: Red, Black Or Customize
Fuel: Diesel/Kerosene
Power: 50KW, 80KW, 100KW
Voltage: 220-240V ~50Hz
Air Output: 500 m³/h, 550 m³/h, 720 m³/h
Suggested Use Area: 200㎡ – 450 ㎡
Product Size: 1220*415*560mm, 1220*465*660mm
Gross Weight: 34 kg, 46 kg
MOQ: 100 pcs
Application: Barns, Sheds, Farm, Workshop, Outdoor Site

Product Detail

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Description Of PTC Space Heater

ARES Professional Industrial Portable Kerosene/Diesel Forced Air Heaters provide immediate and reliable relief from cold weather working conditions. They are ideal for outdoor/indoor construction, as well as industrial & commercial applications. The thick stainless steel handles makes it easy to move and use on any field. It could be used in open barns, ventilated poultry site, garage, greenhouse farm or wherever you need to bring the heat. These multi-fuel heaters require little assembly and are 98% fuel efficient.

These Diesel/Kerosene forced air heaters operate great performance, it is strong and powerful, the Heating coverage area could be up to 4,800 square feet with the ALG-L100A. And it has been tested in sub-zero temperatures to insure it is ready for all winter weather conditions. A build-in fuel gauge ensures never losing heat due to fuel shortages.

Equipped with a thermostat adjustable between 5°C and 99°C, you can achieve thermal comfort while keeping fuel usage to a minimum. Additional convenient features include the SMART Diagnostics digital readout which is for operation. This durable, multi-fuel heater requires no routine maintenance to keep it running smoothly.


● Multi-Fuel Diesel/Kerosene Forced Space Heater for Industrial Commercial Use

● Gear pump to supply oil, diesel, kerosene are available

● Large air volume, large heat, temperature adjustable from 5°C to 99°C

● External thermostat for more convenient control

● Integral overheat and flame-out safety

● Dual-screen display of ambient and the set temperature

● Integrated fuel tank, can also be used separately

● Built-in air pressure fuel gauge

● Long life thick 439 stainless steel combustion chamber

● Double filtration of refueling and suction, with more stable operation

● Fully enclosed motor

● Large fuel tank design, run up to 12 hours

● Sturdy, Rugged Construction

● Durable 25mm thick and fully enclosed steel pipe handrail

● 10-inch Flat-free wheels

● Heat for well-ventilated construction sites, workshops, farms, or garages


Product Details

Model Number: ALG-L50A, ALG-L80A, ALG-L100A Brand Name: ARES/OEM
Product Name: Multi-Fuel Forced Air Heater Voltage: 220V-240V
Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China  Setting Temperature: 5-99 °C
Warranty: 1 Year  Color: Red, Black Or Customized
Application: Barns, Sheds, Farm, Warehouse, Workshop, Outdoor Site Surpport: OEM and ODM
Ignition Source: Electric  Air Output: 1100-1800 m³/h
Heating Element: Diesel/Kerosene  MOQ: 30 pcs
Function: Adjustable Thermostat, Overheat Protection, Ventilation Power: 50KW - 100 KW
Certification: CE, RoHS, ISO, 3C Waterproof: IPX4
Installation: Asembled, Portable, Floor type Supply Ability: 150000 Pieces per Year

Electric Heater Specifications

Model ALG-L50A ALG-L80A ALG-L100A
Powder Supply 220-240V ~50Hz 220-240V ~50Hz 220-240V ~50Hz
Capacity 50KW:
170600 Btu/h;
43000 Kcal/h
272960 Btu/h;
68800 Kcal/h
341200 Btu/h;
86000 Kcal/h
Air Output 1100 m³/h 1700 m³/h 1800 m³/h
Fuel Diesel/Kerosene Diesel/Kerosene Diesel/Kerosene
Fuel Consumption 4.4L/H 6.4L/H 8.0L/H
Tank Capacity 65 80 80
Suggested Use Area (㎡) 200-300 ㎡ 200-350 ㎡ 300-450 ㎡
Product Size (mm) 1150*530*660 1155*590*750 1155*590*750
Packing Size (mm) 1220*415*560 1220*465*660 1220*465*660
N.W. 31 kg 41 kg 41 kg
G.W. 34 kg 46 kg 46 kg

Industrial Multi-Fuel Air Heater

multi-fuel-kerosense-forced air heater-Product Details

Widely Aplications

1. Heating in warehouse,workshop,barns,sheds,garages and building area
2. Heating for concrete curing,to dry the road
3. Heating for jobsite or field operation
4. Heating in mining worksite
5. For drying the paint coating
6. Heating for large area,construction sites
7. Heating for outdoor sport events in winter
8. Heating for temporary tent and exhibition area
9. Heating for greenhouse,chicken house,poultry farm and animal husbandry farm etc..

OEM Note

Customized logo (MOQ: 100 Pieces)
Customized packaging (MOQ: 100 Pieces)
Graphic customization (MOQ: 100 Pieces)

Maintenance of the Industrial Portable Kerosene/Diesel Forced Air Heaters

Proper maintenance can prolong the Heaters service life, and the maintenance method is different based on different usage time.

When the Portable Kerosene/Diesel Forced Air Heaters used for 500 hours:
1. Cleaning the air inlet filter sponge: Remove the filter sponge and clean it with detergent, and put it back after it is completely dried. Do not let the filter sponge come into contact with oil. If the environment is very dusty, you can increase the number of cleanings according to the usage. (Clean up every 50 hours)
2. Dust removal from fuel heater: clean twice in one season. Blow off the dust accumulated on the ignition transformer, combustion head, motor, and fan blades with high-pressure gas or wipe clean with a dry cloth. In particular, clean the combustion head and the vicinity of the air inlet. (If the environment is very dusty, increase the number of cleanings depending on the situation).
3. Electric eye: Wipe clean the metal rod in the electric eye with a dry cloth.
4. Fuel nozzle: Impurities in the fuel and carbon dust in the air pump will accumulate in the fuel nozzle, reducing the flow of air and fuel, causing the pressure of the air pump to rise, which affects the oil and gas mixture ratio, and excessive smoke and smell appear. At this time, the fuel nozzle can be replaced.
5. Fuel tank: Clean the fuel tank twice in each season of use. Drain the fuel tank after cleaning with clean diesel.

When the Portable Kerosene/Diesel Forced Air Heaters used for one year:
1. Air outlet filter felt: Use a hexagonal screwdriver to remove the end cover of the air pump, take out the filter felt, and gently flick off the carbon dust on the felt. Do not use liquid to clean the felt. If the felt is too dirty, it can be replaced. Tighten the tail cover of the air pump, taking care not to loosen it to prevent air leakage. If it is too tight, the screws will be damaged.
2. Oil filter: Remove the oil filter and replace it if it is dirty.
3. Air and oil inlet pipeline: When cleaning the heater, the air and oil inlet pipeline will be removed. Make sure the interface is locked when installing.

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