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Taizhou Ares Environmental Equipment Technology Co., Ltd.

Company Profile

We are a professional Manufacture of Industrial Heaters and Fresh Air Ventilators, including industrial Electric Air Heaters, Multi-Fuel Air Heaters, HVAC systems, ERV/HRV and Exhaust Fans etc. We were founded in Zhejiang province in China with over 10 years of experience matters.


Our Office Located in Shanghai City, China. Our Factory Located in Zhejiang Province, China.


We Have More Than 10 Years of Manufacturing Experience.

Ares Company profile

Since establishment, Ares sets the mission as "Qualified, Efficient and Reliable". Our production goal is to provide the market with safety products, innovative design and superior after-sales services. Ares build long term business partnership with the distributors, dealers, customers, and OEM/ODM partners by providing the reliable safety products, best technical support from the first step to the end.

Ares strictly follow the ISO9001 international quality management system requirements to produce and obtain certification, and some products have obtained the national patents. In 2010, Ares ventilation system achieved good market response in the engineering field with excellent quality and professional services.

Wide Range Of Application Coverage




Stock Farming


Outdoor Worksite


Building Ventilation

All Ares heaters meet the difficult requirements of the agricultural, horticultural, industrial, construction, and tent industries. Those heaters provide clean, fast, and safe solutions. They are ideal for temporary or emergency heating as they are easy to use and fully portable. They are widely used in a variety of applications. Including farm house heating, barns heating, greenhouse heating, woods drying, jobsite outdoor heating or where ever when heat needed. 

Technology Leads High Quality And Healthy Life


Ares  is a reputable and reliable provider, ensure each product meets the quality standard before units are assembled and shipped, it provides high quality products to customers all over the world including Europe, North America, Australia, West Asia and the Middle East etc.

Ares  produces quality Industrial Heaters and Ventilators by holding the highest standards in all phases of manufacturing. To support customers and users, we offering distinctively OEM and ODM service and improving the customer experience.

"Technology leads quality and healthy life", the never-ending fighting spirit of Ares people will continue to make their greatest contribution to the Heating and ventilation system. In the future, we will bring people a more convenient and healthier lifestyle with leading technology, excellent quality, and perfect marketing service system. Ares , make you a workplace that is enjoyable, make you a home that can breathe, and make your life Easier!

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