ARES Service Policy

After sales service

Pre-Sales and After-Sales Service

quality testing

Product Quality Inspection

sales promotion

Offer Price Concessions for Accessories


Timely Feedback and Solutions


OEM and ODM Service

Technical team

Professional Technical Support Team

1. We guarantee good pre-sales and after-sales services to our customers.

2. We attach great importance to product quality and quality inspection, we do regular return visits, improve products in time according to customer needs with the mission to continuously improve product quality.

3. We offer ex-factory prices and promotions for product accessories and wearing parts.

4. After receiving the customer's request, our company will give feedback within 3 hours and provide a solution to the problem within 48 hours.

5. Our company has a professional technical support team, which can provide technical support according to customer needs.

6. As a Qualified Industrial Air Heaters Manufacturer, we provide OEM and ODM Service for our clients.

Transportation Process

Diesel-Kerosene- Heater-Delivery
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