Air Heater FAQs



1. What is the structure and working principle of the Industrial Electric Heater?

The Industrial Electric Heater is a Heating machine composed of a motor unit, a radiator and a ventilator. It is divided into two types: floor-standing and wall-mounted. It uses an air Heater to heat, and then the ventilator sends out the hot air to achieve the goal of Heating.

The Industrial Electric Heater has an air inlet and an air outlet. Its working principle is to make the air circulate. The air inlet sucks in cold air, and then after the air Heater, the warm air is sent out from the air outlet to heat the indoor temperature by circulating in this way.

Like the air conditioner, the Industrial Heater is equipped with a temperature sensor when the indoor temperature reaches the set value. It will automatically enter the sleep state. In order to achieve the purpose of energy saving. When the indoor temperature drops, it will wake it up and start Heating again.

2. How to store the Electric Garage Heater and the Multi Fuel Forced Air Heater when it is not in use?

The Electric Garage Heater needs to be maintained before storage. For hot summers or months when it is not very cold, you may not need to use the Heater, but it doesn’t mean you can place it at will. If you don’t use it for a long time, you need to take care of it before storing it in a proper place.

First remove the filter and clean it with a cleaning agent. This is related to the air circulation effect during the next use, so be careful when cleaning it. Then clean up the appearance of parts such as Heating pipes and motors. Then wipe off the lubricant on each lubrication point, because the lubricant will oxidize the parts of the Air Heater when time goes by.

If it is Kerosene/Diesel Forced Air Heater, an oil Heater, you need to drain the fuel to the net, clean up the impurities deposited in the fuel tank, and store it in a dry and ventilated room after cleaning.

3. Use the Electric Heater with preventing the wrong way of operation

As this product specifically for Heating, the quality of the Heater has been researched and improved, but no matter how good the machine is, it can't stand up to the wrong operation. The wrong operation will accelerate the loss and damage for the Electric Heater.

Before buying, be sure to calculate the area that needs Heating. If the area is large and the power is small, it will increase the burden of the Electric Heater and shorten the sleep time of the Heater. This will increase the loss of the Heating motor for a long time. After purchasing, you must carefully study its performance and structure, and maintain good usage habits. Although it is an iron machine, it also has a fragile side.

Be sure not to overload your hearting work during the first period of time you bought it. To do a good job in the lubrication of various parts, often add lubricant. After using for a period of time, do a major maintenance of the Electric Heater

4. In winter, what does an Industrial Electric Heater means to the farmers?

For farmers, the severe cold temperature in winter has always been a problem that farmers worried or even afraid of. Because the area of ​​the breeding shed is generally large and the heat preservation is poor, the effect of Heating with air conditioners and radiators is minimal. If you don't pay attention, fragile seedlings or cubs will be frostbite or even freeze to death, but with the advent of Industrial Electric Heater, these problems have been properly resolved.

As this equipment specially developed for indoor Heating, the Industrial Electric Heater can not only heat the breeding greenhouse, but also can be used in factory workshops, warehouses and other places, and the Heating effect is very good. Compared with air conditioners and radiators, the Heating efficiency and effect are very good.

Therefore, the emergence of Industrial Electric Heater is good news for farmers. With adopting it, the severe winter temperatures are no longer so terrible. 

5. Does the air filter of the Industrial Fan Heater need to be cleaned regularly? Yes.

When it comes to air filters, everyone is familiar with it. Its function is to filter the air, so that the Industrial Fan Heater can suck in clean air and ensure that its internal operation is not affected by dust and impurities. But how to clean the air filter, I am afraid that many people may don’t have too much idea, today we will learn how to clean it.

First find it and remove it. Different types of Industrial Fan Heater have different locations for air filters. After removing it, check the degree of dirt. If it is not very dirty, blow the filter with high-pressure air to clean all the dust and impurities adsorbed on the filter.

If you can't find high-pressure air, you can tap the side of the air filter lightly to make the dust fall off. Do not tap the outer surface of the filter element to avoid damage to the core.

If the dust impurities and oil stains on the air filter are particularly heavy. It is difficult to clean up, so simply replace it with a new one, because the Industrial Fan Heater has a very high requirement for air filtration. If the air filter is too dirty and clogged, it will directly affect the output air volume and Heating effect.

6. What is the cause of the abnormality of the Electric Heating motor?

The Electric Heating motor is the core component of the Heater. Once it has a problem, the Heating effect will be greatly reduced, and it may even cause a shutdown. Today, let’s take a look at what causes the abnormal Heating motor.

1 .  The voltage is low, or the voltage fluctuates high and low, causing the Heating motor to not get sufficient energy supply, causing abnormalities.

2 .  If it is a Kerosene/Diesel Forced Air Heater, an Oil Heater, it may be because the quality of the fuel is too poor, or there is a problem with the fuel supply system, resulting in insufficient energy supply.

3 .  If the air inlet is blocked, it is unable to suck in enough fresh air, and naturally it is unable to output enough air volume, and the Heating motor will also have problems similar to "sham cars".

4 .  The Heating motor is aging and has not been maintained for a long time, resulting in abnormal operation.

There are two types of Heating motor abnormalities: minor and serious. Minor ones cause the Heating effect to deteriorate, and serious ones can cause the Heater to stop. Therefore, once the Heating motor fails, it must be repaired in time.

7. How to properly remove dust from the Fuel Forced Air Heater?

Often use soft sponge or cloth to wipe the shell and the tail grille to ensure the better basic performance of the Fuel Heater.

Small Spare Parts cleaning / Parts replacement.

The function of the air intake filter cotton is equivalent to a mask. It is located at the back of the machine and can resist most of the dust and dirt in the air. The air inlet filter is a semi-circular sponge. After taking it out, wash it with clean water, dry it, and then install it.

The function of the air filter is the same as that of the air intake filter. It is also located at the rear of the machine. The air inlet filter in the air filter can be cleaned with mild detergent, and then installed after it is dried. In addition, the air outlet filter needs to be replaced once a year.

The ignition needle is easy to accumulate carbon, and if the carbon accumulates to a certain extent, it will not able to catch fire. Just use a rag to remove the carbon deposits. It should be noted that do Not deform the ignition pin.

The photosensitive electric eye also only needs to be wiped clean with a rag. A clean photosensitive electric eye can solve the smoke incident of the Fuel Forced Air Heater with a high probability.

Accumulation of impurities in the nozzle is easy to block, no oil can be sprayed, and heating strikes are inevitable. The cleaning of the oil nozzle is very simple. It only needs to be soaked and cleaned with water or diesel oil. You can also use high-pressure air to blow away the dust and impurities.

The suction pipe, the fuel tank, and the fuel tank inlet filter also need to be cleaned regularly. The oil suction pipe and the oil tank inlet filter need to be removed and cleaned, and then installed after they are completely dried. For impurities that have settled in the fuel tank, you need to open the drain port at the bottom of the fuel tank to completely drain them.

 Reminder: The maintenance cycle of ARES Kerosene/Diesel Forced Air Heater is normally 30 days, and it needs to be maintained every 10 days in a dusty environment. In addition, the air inlet filter, ignition needle, fuel nozzle, oil suction pipe and fuel tank inlet filter are all consumable parts, and it is recommended to replace them every six months.

8. How to use the fuel Heater to save fuel?

It is common that people will concern about the fuel consumption of the machine when buying a fuel Heater, which is related to the cost of use. In fact, the fuel consumption of a Kerosene/Diesel forced oil Heater is not a fixed number. In fact, the entire Heating environment or even small part of the Heater can affect the fuel consumption.

Many industries have strict requirements on temperature. For example, when Heating in greenhouses, breeding and brooding, and bacteria sheds, to use of Kerosene/Diesel oil-fired Heaters is undoubtedly a very good choice.

Then, how to save fuel when using the Multi Fuel Forced Air Heater? 

Improve the thermal insulation of the Heating environment

Before that, let's first understand the constant temperature Heating operation mechanism of the Fuel Heater. The Fuel Heater generates heat by burning diesel / kerosene, and when the ambient temperature reaches a preset temperature, it will automatically stop burning. At this time, if the environment has poor thermal insulation performance and the temperature drops quickly, the Fuel Heater will start working again. Conversely, if the heat preservation performance is good, the Fuel Heater will stop burning for a long time, which will save fuel.

Note: ARES Multi Fuel Forced Air Heater can be started and stopped intelligently. After reaching the set temperature, it will no longer continue to work and heat up, without additional waste of fuel, and at the same time prevent accidental losses to users due to excessively high or low temperatures. Users will feel more secure in the process.

In addition, under the premise of the same power, the Fuel Heater with temperature setting function is obviously more fuel efficient than the Fuel Heater on the market that does not have this function.

Use high-quality fuel injectors

Fuel Forced Air Heaters have high quality fuel injectors and a good atomization effect. Then fuel combustion will be more complete, making the space Heating up quickly, so as to achieve the goal of fuel saving. In addition, the fuel injector is a dry and vulnerable part, so we need to maintain and replace it in time.

Note: The ARES Multi Fuel Forced Air Heater adopts good qualified imported fuel injectors, which are more durable, and the atomization is more delicate, the combustion is more complete, and the fuel consumption is greatly reduced.

Use good quality fuel 

Diesel is of poor quality and has a lot of impurities. During use, impurities will cause the injector to block, which not only accelerates the damage of the injector, but also causes poor atomization and increases fuel consumption. The quality of diesel on the market varies from good to bad. It is recommended that you buy diesel from qualified gas stations.

Due to the uncontrollable oil quality, the ARES Multi Fuel Forced Air Heater uses a double-layer filter oil filter ingeniously, which is a better design on the market. The double-layer oil filter net can further remove most of the impurities in the fuel, and to a large extent reduce the damage of the impure oil to the fuel injector, thereby improving the atomization effect and reducing the waste of fuel. In addition, the Heater failure rate has also been greatly reduced. 

Hey Buddy, have you learned fuel-saving tips for Multi Fuel Forced Air Heater now?

9. What are the characteristics of the Electric Salamander Heater for greenhouses?

The Heating methods in the market are various:  floor Heating, radiation, warm air, convection and so on. There are also many energy options, traditional coal-fired, universal electric Heating, and emerging fuel and gas Heating. Among various Heating methods, air Heating is most comfortable and common used Heating method. The Electric Salamander Heater for breeding can provide clean and dry hot air, which can heat the entire space with uniform temperature. 

Features of Electric Salamander Heater for breeding:

1. Temperature Adjustable.

2. Double automatic overheat protection, manual restart device.

3. Unique warm air start and automatic cooling shutdown device. The electric Heating tube will automatically start the fan after it is preheated to a certain temperature to ensure that the warm air is available immediately; after the Heating is stopped, the fan will automatically run for a period of time to ensure that the whole machine will automatically stop after cooling to a suitable temperature. 

4. Enhance the safety of the equipment and the convenience of operation, and use high-quality components and materials to ensure product quality.

5. The internal wire adopts high temperature resistant silicone wire to prolong the service life.

6. Qualified Imported connectors are used to ensure the reliability and safety of electrical connections.

7. The electric Heating tube of the Electric Salamander Heater is made of 304 stainless steel, and the internal packing adopts imported high-temperature crystalline magnesium powder to ensure the stability of Heating and prolong the life of the Heating components.

8. The structure design is reasonable and beautiful, the bracket is stable and useful, with wall hooks, it is convenient to swing, hang, and lift. The rear anti-bird net cover effectively increases the air intake efficiency, which is more conducive to the heat dissipation of the motor and saves the corresponding space.

10. What is the cost and applicable place of Industrial Fuel Heater?

When you hear of Industrial Fuel Heaters, people may know that the fuel used for this equipment is diesel or kerosene. Then the question arises: Will the cost of using the Kerosene/Diesel Forced Air Heater very high if the heaters work continuously? The answer is: The cost of using the Fuel Heater is very low!

Why do you say that? Let's take a look at the working principle of the Fuel Heater:

The Fuel Heater is equipped with automatic temperature control element. When the indoor temperature reaches the set temperature, the Fuel Heater will no longer work and will not burn fuel. Therefore, the cost of using the Fuel Heater is not high.

When the Industrial Fuel Heater is working, the fuel in the fuel tank is sucked into the fuel injection nozzle, ignited and burned after being atomized in the combustion chamber. The heat generated by the combustion heats the air and the wall of the combustion chamber. A part of the air sent by the fan is sent to the combustion chamber to provide oxygen for combustion. The Fuel Heater generates high-temperature hot air, and most of it contacts the outer wall of the combustion chamber to obtain conduction heat and generate hot air.

Industrial Fuel Heaters can be used in a wide range of applications. Lets check and see if there is one that suits you. 

Application place of Industrial Fuel Powder Forced Air Heater:

Construction sites, roads and bridges, cement maintenance, field Heating, factory workshops, material warehouses, moisture-proof drying, local Heating, Oil drilling, coal mining area, deicing and anti-freezing, equipment insulation, airports, yachts and ships, paint drying, construction insulation, Military vehicle equipment, command tents, mobile Heating, convenient Heating, greenhouses, venues and clubs, clean heat, rapid Heating, wood drying, medicine drying, tea drying etc.

Performance characteristics of ARES Industrial Fuel Heater:

1. Fuel: diesel or kerosene

2. Visualization digital temperature control, the set temperature can be displayed

3. External temperature control probe, accurate temperature measurement

4. Stainless steel combustion chamber with cooling function

5. The insulating surface

6. Equipped with photoelectric protection device, compact structure, easy to carry, simple to operate

7. Automatic shutdown when there is no oil or less oil

8. Equipped with over-heating protection device when Heating or drying in winter

11. How to choose a Kerosene Forced Air Heater for Heating in a breeding farm?

The weather is getting colder, and the staffs of the farm are now considering heating their farms. What kind of Heater should the farm choose? Let's take a look at ARES Industrial Fuel Heaters!

ARES Kerosene Forced Air Heaters have a wide range of applications, such as brooding, roasting wood, flowers maintenance, greenhouses, greenhouse seedlings.

The Kerosene Forced Air Heater is taking kerosene as fuel to generate hot air. It adopts direct-fired indirect heating to increase the temperature quickly, and the hot air is dry and fresh, which greatly improves the indoor working temperature and humidity environment, which is also beneficial to the health of personnel and will improve the production efficiency. It is suitable for cold protection and heating. With automatic cooling function, good ventilation and heat insulation design during operation, the shell will not overheat when used for a long time, and the surface temperature of the body will be low.

ARES Kerosene Forced Air Heater has the characteristics of lightness, flexibility, compact, strong hot air power, easy operation, safe and reliable power consumption, low fuel consumption and so on.

When purchasing a Kerosene Forced Air Heater, safety should also be firstly considered, such as whether the machine has a protection device against over-Heating, whether it has the function of dumping and powering off, especially the bathroom Heater , which must be waterproof and splash-proof. If problems are found, they should be replaced in time to avoid troubles such as water leakage, excessive water temperature, and deformation of the engine cylinder head.

In addition, be sure to clean the Kerosene Forced Air Heater regularly, especially the fuselage and air intake. It can’t be placed upside down, can only be used vertically, can’t be worked with a cover on it, otherwise it will greatly reduce its Heating efficiency.  The place of use should be well ventilated to avoid insufficient oxygen supply.

12. Will an emergency signal be activated when the Industrial Fuel Forced Air Heater runs out of fuel?

As the weather gets colder, oil Heaters have begun to be used in a wide range. In the process of use, users usually fill up the fuel and then start to do other things. What they are concerned about is the fuel condition in the combustion chamber of the oil Heater. If it is used up, will the emergency signal be automatically activated? The answer is, the emergency signal will not activated, it will automatically stop! This setting has a higher safety factor.

The Industrial Fuel Forced Air Heater are used to heat industrial or commercial places, and are also used to dry some products or meet some process requirements. As the name suggests, Fuel Heaters heat the air. The Heating methods in the market are various, but the air hearting is just emerging among the various Heating methods, the air Heating is most comfortable, also it is a common used air heating method in nowadays.


Before the Industrial Fuel Forced Air Heater is started, any leaks must be repaired. The fuel reserve near the Fuel Heater or in the same building must not exceed the daily fuel consumption. The fuel storage tower must be placed in another building, and all fuel tanks must be at least the specified minimum distance from the Heater. Keep at least the specified minimum distances for Heaters, flamethrowers, welding equipment and similar ignition sources.

Except for the Heater’s internal fuel tank, the fuel storage should be limited as far as possible to prevent fuel from penetrating or being ignited in low-lying areas. The storage of regional fuels must be consistent with current regulations. No room with combustible gas can be used.

13. What are the advantages of Industrial Air Heaters compared to other traditional Heating?

Why there is a market for Industrial Air Heaters? Because compared with other Heaters, industrial Heaters have many advantages.

First of all, we need to lock the scope in the non-home used area. The air conditioner heats up very slowly. When the outdoor temperature is lower than the fixed temperature, it needs the help of electric Heating auxiliary equipment. It becomes difficult to start the air conditioner at minus 15 ℃, and the Heating effect is also not good. On the other hand, Industrial Air Heaters can be used normally at very low temperatures, whether indoors or outdoors, and bring direct heating up. 

In addition, for Industrial Air Heaters, the overwhelming advantage is that they are not restricted by space and region, which provides great benefits for field workers. 

ARES provides customers with long-term and eternal service with the concept of "excellence, integrity and quality". If you are interested in our Industrial Air Heaters or have questions, please contact us.

14. Do I need to install a voltage stabilizer to use a Diesel Forced Air Heater?

The Diesel Forced Air Heater is mainly composed of an air Heater and a fan. The air Heater dissipates heat, and then the fan sends out, so that the indoor air temperature can be adjusted.

The characteristics of Diesel Forced Air Heaters are microcomputer and temperature control, high uniformity, no temperature flushing, energy saving, high-quality stainless steel and steel plate electric Heaters in the inner tank.

Adaptation places: animal barn farms, warehouse, exhibition halls, outdoor operations, etc.

Precautions for the use of Diesel Forced Air Heater:

Do not place the electric Heater directly next to the power socket, and do not touch the Heating elements inside the Heater with your hands to avoid danger.

Do not cover it while the electric Heater is working. If it is covered, the Heater will be overheated.

Diesel Forced Air Heaters should be stored in a safe place away from flammable materials. Do not use them in places full of dust, gasoline, paint thinner, and other flammable and explosive hazardous materials to prevent danger.

Through the above introduction, we can know that the use of Diesel Forced Air Heaters does not require a voltage stabilizer.

15. What is the Heating square meter of ​​a Kerosene/Diesel Heater?

The power of the Kerosene/Diesel Forced Air Heater is 30KW , 50KW , 70KW , 80KW . The Heating area of ​​each Kerosene/Diesel Heater is calculated according to the power. If you got any queries on the calculation, our staff will have some recommendation to you according to the use site. Welcome to call us!

The temperature of the Kerosene/Diesel Heater is also adjustable. The adjustment range is from 0 degrees Celsius to 50 degrees Celsius. It can be adjusted in 3 ways which are automatically, semi-automatically and manually according to the different requirements of the plant. 

In addition to the output of heat in the form of hot air, it is also output in the form of infrared radiant heat, which can penetrate the surface and enter the interior of the baked object like sunlight. It is suitable for many purposes such as warming and baking in factory workshops and outdoor places.

The Kerosene/Diesel Forced Air Heater is used outdoors, not afraid of natural wind, and it is clean and free of smoke and dust. It has the characteristics of lightness, flexibility, small size, light weight, easy operation, safety and reliability.

The direct-fired indirect Heating of outdoor aquaculture-burning Heaters can quickly heat up, and the hot air is dry and fresh. When using this Kerosene/Diesel Heater, you must ensure sufficient air intake and maintain a hemisphere with the equipment as the center and a radius of 2 meters without objects. . The Fuel Oil Heater adopts a three-pass design, which greatly improves the combustion efficiency.

The outlet temperature of the fuel oil Kerosene/Diesel Heater is very high. It is strictly forbidden to blow directly at flammable and explosive materials.

16. How about the application of Fuel Forced Air Heaters in the brooding industry?

The aquaculture industry has always been a thriving industry. Pig, chicken, duck, etc. always have a large scale all over the world. Once it arrives in winter and the temperature drops, these livestock and poultry will feel cold just like humans, and they also need to be warmed. Especially in some brooding areas, the newly hatched chickens and ducks are very fragile. They need to survive in a warm environment, and the Fuel Forced Air Heater is very important. Because the Portable Fuel Forced Air Heaters can easily provide and produce the required heat.

Under normal circumstances, small-scale brooding applying large sheds, so that solar energy can be collected during the daytime, and the shed can achieve the purpose of Heating up, but at night, the temperature drops sharply, you have to think about other methods. The newly born chicks need to survive in an environment of about 32-38 degrees. If the temperature is too low, most of the chicks will flock together for warmth, which will cause a large number of chickens to be squeezed and trampled to death, it will bring huge losses to the farmers. Therefore, indoor Heating is obviously very important, and the high-power output of the Fuel Forced Air Heaters for breeding can easily solve these problems.

The Fuel Forced Air Heaters or Oil Heaters produced by ARES have a built-in temperature control device, which can adjust the temperature well as the chicks grow. For example: when the indoor temperature needs to be 35 ℃, you can adjust the temperature to this value, and when the indoor temperature reaches this temperature, the device will automatically stop, and once the indoor temperature is lower than the set value, the device will start automatically , it achieved the purpose of fully automatic operation, which not only saves fuel, but also saves manual input. 

As the chicken grow up, the Fuel Forced Air Heaters for breeding can lower the temperature according to the actual situation, and the accurate temperature controller can help the breeders solve heating problems.

17. How to do the maintenance for the Industrial Electric Salamander Heater?

1. The maintenance of Industrial Electric Salamander Heater is roughly divided into two types, which are maintenance during work and shut-down for maintenance. During its operation, workers should pay attention to the operation status and judge whether the operation is normal. Once any problem found, the Heater should be shut down for inspection. , When the Electric Salamander Heater is not in use, an overall inspection should also be carried out at regular intervals. Just as human beings need to have a physical examination every year, it also requires us to carry out a fixed and severe inspection and repair at least once a year. Only in this way can it prolong its service life. 

2. In the use of Industrial Electric Salamander Heater, we should develop the habit of establishing maintenance accounts for each machine. In this account, the maintenance status of each Hot Air Blower should be recorded. This requires us to record the model, specification, manufacturer, and manufacturer of the Hot Air Blower. In this way, it is convenient to check and understand its specific situation when using Industrial Electric Salamander Heater. In order to avoid industrial fires or malfunctions, diesel is generally used as the fuel, and flammable fuels such as gasoline and alcohol are generally not used.

18.  Maintenance tips for industrial Fan Heaters in winter.

Industrial Fan Heaters are mainly used in factories, production workshops and other places where Heating is required, and are ideal Heating equipment for large buildings. With the gradual drop in temperature, electric Heaters are becoming more and more popular among users.

Today, let us learn about the maintenance tips for industrial Fan Heaters in winter.

1 .  During use, check the surface of the industrial Fan Heater cabinet regularly for foreign matter and dust. If it is not cleaned, it will affect the heat dissipation system of the Heater.

2 .  After the blower motor has been running for a long time, the motor should be maintained and replaced. This operation process must be judged and maintained by specially responsible personnel. The motor cannot be disassembled privately. This will easily cause a short circuit and the motor will not rotate. It may cause the wiring harness to burn or catch fire. 

In addition, the motor ventilation pipe cannot be removed. After removal, the motor may overheat and burn out. The variable speed resistor can change the gear of the motor. If the first or second gear is used for a long time, it is easy to cause the resistor to burn out and affect the normal use. If this problem is found, it should be replaced at once.

3 .  when the operating system is working for a long time, the manipulating cable is easy to age and deform, making the manipulation inflexible or not in place. Don't force it to move it to avoid damage to the parts. If this problem is found, it should be judged at the repair station, and repaired and replaced according to the specific situation.

4 .  Ventilation ducts are the No. 1 and No. 2 hoses of the industrial Fan Heater. Due to long-term use under high temperature conditions, they are prone to aging and cracks. If problems are found, they should be replaced in time to avoid water leakage, resulting in excessive water temperature and deformation of the engine cylinder head. Replace the hose with ARES matching hose. Inferior hoses are not corrosion resistant.

The above is the maintenance tips for industrial Fan Heaters in winter. Did you get it now?

19. How to control the air volume and temperature of the Electric Garage Heater?

Today, lets found out how to control the air volume and temperature of the Electric Garage Heater.

The Electric Garage Heater generally has two rotary buttons, one is to control the air volume and the other is to control the temperature. Under normal circumstances, the start-up needs to adjust the temperature to high, then start the fan, adjust it to the gear, wait for the temperature to rise, and then adjust the temperature according to actual needs.

After buying an Electric Garage Heater, you need to do below actions before turning on the power.

Check whether the machine is damaged (taking into account the process of long-distance transportation) 

Make sure that every component of the Space Heater is in good condition and there is no damage before it can be used.

Adjust the two knobs on the Electric Garage Heater. According to the indication on the control panel, the thicker the temperature control side line indicates the higher the temperature. The fan side is divided into three positions: natural wind, half wind, and double wind. Users can make adjustments according to actual needs. 

20. What are the acceptance criteria for a Diesel Forced Air Heater?

In winter, farms often choose Space Heaters for Heating. In order to ensure the Heating effect of the Diesel Forced Air Heater, all aspects of acceptance should be carried out before installing the Heater to ensure that the Diesel Forced Air Heater is in good condition before installation and use. The acceptance of the Diesel Forced Air Heater before installation mainly includes the following aspects:

1. It is necessary to check whether the packaging of the Diesel Forced Air Heater is intact, whether the required accessories are complete, check whether the parameters on the nameplate of the Heater meet our requirements, and determine whether this is the model we ordered.

2. Check whether the fan is damaged. If a serious collision occurs during transportation, the device will be damaged. Therefore, the appearance of the Diesel Forced Air Heater should be checked carefully to see if there is any deformation, abrasion or other damage. Check all parts of the Heater, check whether the fasteners are loose or fall off, and whether the parts are damaged. If there is any problem, please repair or replace before installation.

3. Check the insulation resistance between the housing of the Diesel Forced Air Heater and the motor winding to ensure that the power consumption is reasonable and normal. It is required that the insulation resistance between the fan shell and the motor windings should be greater than 0.5 megohm, otherwise the motor windings should be dry, and the temperature during the drying process should not exceed 120 degrees Celsius.

The acceptance inspection of the Diesel Forced Air Heater mainly includes the above content, and various inspections are required before installation to ensure the quality of the Space Heater

21. How do the breeding farms generally heat? This Diesel Forced Air Heater is recommended to you ...

Everyone knows that each place has different climates, and due to the construction, design, scale, and management of farms will be different. So, what kind of Heating equipment is generally used for breeding farms? The Heating equipment for breeding farms generally uses fully premixed low-nitrogen gas hot water boilers. What are the advantages of using it as a Heater on the farm?

Speaking of the advantages of the Diesel Forced Air Heater, its powerful Heating capacity produces a very good Heating effect, the efficient working method saves costs, and the portable design can be easily applied to various complex places, fuels and models. There are many choices, and it is undoubtedly the first choice as a Heating equipment in special places such as outdoor jobsite, breeding pig houses, chicken houses and so on.

Moreover, the Diesel Forced Air Heater occupies a small space, and the obvious advantage is that it improves the space utilization rate. It avoids design, assembly, and debugging problems, and reduces the probability of failure or potential danger. At the same time, the structure is reasonable in design, safe and reliable, easy to use, flexible in temperature adjustment, and suitable for large-scale farms.

There are many measures to keep the farm warm in winter, but don't forget about the security thing while keeping warm. After all, Heating is related to the health of livestock and poultry, so choosing the right Heating Equipment is also the key event.

22. What are the advantages of industrial Heaters in greenhouses over traditional Heating methods?

The problem of Heating at night in greenhouses has always been a problem that concerned by farmers.

In summer, the temperature is high. It can be solved well by opening the greenhouse for ventilation and heat dissipation. Some advanced greenhouses even installed complex automatic opening and closing devices for easy operation

While in the cold winter, the daytime is okay, because there is a continuous supply of heat from the sun. But at night, the temperature drops sharply. If no Heating measures are taken, it will cause fatal damage to the crops in the shed. Industrial Fan Heaters is the indispensable product to solve such problems.

Modern greenhouse production technology has reached a high level, so various issues have been considered at the beginning of its design. In terms of Space Heating, the traditional way of using wood or coal obviously does not meet the requirements of this era for environmental protection and modernization, and the emergence of Industrial Heaters has solved all these problems.

This Industrial fan heater has many types, complete models such as fuel oil, gas, electric Heating, etc., which provides users with a very large range of options, coupled with fully automatic operation and low energy consumption design, so that it can easily meet users’ favor and love, generate benefits for users.

On the other hand, if large-scale greenhouses use traditional coal or charcoal Heating methods, they will not only generate a lot of pollution emissions, but more importantly, they cannot achieve automation and efficient management. It requires a lot of investment, manpower and material resources, and greatly affects work efficiency. Although they may save a little on fuel costs, their investment in other cost will far exceeds the Industrial Fan Heaters.

 23. How to Use Industrial Electric Air Heater

1. First connect to the socket, (5-22KW heater requires 3-phase 380-400V voltage).

2. Place the heater vertically on a solid surface, away from humid environments and flammable materials.

3. Turn on the power supply.

4. Rotate the temperature control regulator to MAX (upper limit) to allow the heater to run at full power.

5. After adjusting the gear power switch to the required gear, the heater will operate at the set power.

6. Once the room temperature reaches the requirement, the heating element will stop working, but the fan will continue to work. Once the temperature drops, the heating element will continue to heat.

7. The electric heater automatically starts and stops to keep the indoor temperature constant.

8. Before turning off the electric heater, turn the temperature control regulator to min to turn off, and to turn the gear switch to fan or o to turn off, and the heater will cool down within 2 minutes.

9. After use, turn off the heater switch first, and then unplug the power cord.

24. How to Use Industrial Portable Kerosene/Diesel Forced Air Heaters

1. Place the Multi fuel Forced Air Heater vertically on a firm and flat surface, away from humid environments and flammable materials.

2. Connect the power plug to a safe separate outlet.

3. Adjust the temperature control to the desired temperature.

4. Turn on the power switch of the host.

5. After turning on the switch, the Garage Heater can operate normally and can start to work at the set temperature.

6. When the room temperature reaches the required temperature, the Space Heater will temporarily stop working.

7. When the temperature drops below the set temperature, the Air Heater will restart heating.

8. The Kerosene/Diesel Forced Air Heater starts and stops automatically to keep the indoor temperature constant.

9. After use, first turn off the Air Heater switch, and then unplug the power cord.

10. After turning off the Space Heater, the Heater will cool down within 5 minutes. Be careful not to touch the combustion tube during the cooling of the Heater.

The Kerosene/Diesel Forced Air Heater is Reliable heat for a comfortable work environment and available in many sizes, these heaters are perfect for well-ventilated Workshops, Garages, Warehouses, Greenhouse Farm, and Construction Sites.

Important Notes:

· Not for use in residential living areas or inadequately ventilated areas.

· Proper ventilation required during operation.

· Must be plugged into an approved standard electrical outlet for operation.

25. Maintenance of the Industrial Portable Kerosene/Diesel Forced Air Heaters

Proper maintenance can prolong the Heaters service life, and the maintenance method is different based on different usage time.

When the Portable Kerosene/Diesel Forced Air Heaters used for 500 hours:

1. Cleaning the air inlet filter sponge: Remove the filter sponge and clean it with detergent, and put it back after it is completely dried. Do not let the filter sponge come into contact with oil. If the environment is very dusty, you can increase the number of cleanings according to the usage. (Clean up every 50 hours)

2. Dust removal from fuel heater: clean twice in one season. Blow off the dust accumulated on the ignition transformer, combustion head, motor, and fan blades with high-pressure gas or wipe clean with a dry cloth. In particular, clean the combustion head and the vicinity of the air inlet. (If the environment is very dusty, increase the number of cleanings depending on the situation).

3. Electric eye: Wipe clean the metal rod in the electric eye with a dry cloth.

4. Fuel nozzle: Impurities in the fuel and carbon dust in the air pump will accumulate in the fuel nozzle, reducing the flow of air and fuel, causing the pressure of the air pump to rise, which affects the oil and gas mixture ratio, and excessive smoke and smell appear. At this time, the fuel nozzle can be replaced.

5. Fuel tank: Clean the fuel tank twice in each season of use. Drain the fuel tank after cleaning with clean diesel.

When the Portable Kerosene/Diesel Forced Air Heaters used for one year:

1. Air outlet filter felt: Use a hexagonal screwdriver to remove the end cover of the air pump, take out the filter felt, and gently flick off the carbon dust on the felt. Do not use liquid to clean the felt. If the felt is too dirty, it can be replaced. Tighten the tail cover of the air pump, taking care not to loosen it to prevent air leakage. If it is too tight, the screws will be damaged.

2. Oil filter: Remove the oil filter and replace it if it is dirty.

3. Air and oil inlet pipeline: When cleaning the heater, the air and oil inlet pipeline will be removed. Make sure the interface is locked when installing.